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Early History

The history of our church has been one of steady progress. In October of 1955 a small group of dedicated Christians decided that there was a need for a Presbyterian Church in the growing community of Boynton Beach. The construction of buildings represents only a small portion of our history. The most important part of the story is the lives touched and nourished by our fellowship & faith. 



The first worship service of this congregation was held in the Women's Club, on November 6.


Our present five-acre site was acquired and Pratt Fellowship Hall was built. This building served as our place of worship and Christian Education.


 The East Wing of five classrooms was completed to meet our growing need for space.


Sanctuary groundbreaking ceremony held on May 26, 1963. The sanctuary was designed by Gustav Maass of Palm Beach. Seating 440 persons with additional overflow space. The sanctuary was completed and dedicated on November 17.


Our original 46 people have grown to a congregation of 331 members.


Construction of two large rooms. Youth Fellowship Room & a church library with conjoining board meeting room.


Pratt Hall was remodeled and air-conditioned, acoustical ceiling tile was installed, and addition of new storage rooms.


Sanctuary Roof was replaced


Formation of our needs and dreams into "A Vital Step Forward" ~ Planning for a vital ministry in the third decade of our existence with the building of a Sanctuary, a Chapel, library, nursery, social hall (Pratt Hall), offices and eight school rooms, and a beautifully planted courtyard.


We have a membership of 658 


The local church of Boynton Beach discontinued the use of  "United" in the name & is now known as The First Presbyterian Church of Boynton Beach and joined PCUSA.


Steeple struck by lightning

Dedication of Pratt Hall 1959

Dedication the of Sanctuary

Boynton Beach Woman's Club

Jan 21, Doc 2 Page 3.jpg

Ground Breaking

Mrs. Ida Daugharty, eldest church member, assisted by Claude F. Hoffman & William B. Smith

Dedication of Pratt Hall 1959.jpg

Sanctuary roof replacement

Serving Pastors Timeline

Rev. Keith Love

Dec. 1st, 1955 - April 2nd, 1961

Rev. Earl Downey

July 2nd, 1961 - September 15th, 1966

Rev. Douglas H. Smith

Nov. 11th, 1966 - May 31st, 1982

Rev. Voris G. Brookshire, Jr

July 3rd, 1983 - Nov. 1st, 1987

Rev. M Randall Gill

July 16th, 1989 - March 1st, 2014

June 1st, 2017 - Present

Rev. Stephen A. Moss

1973 - 1977

Dr. Harold Faust

1982 - 1983

Dr. Dean Dobson

1982 - 1985

Dr. John A. Lampe

1988 - 1989

Rev. Roger Verse

9/1/2014 - 3/31/2017

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